Riddle #752

Question: A young woman is attending her mother's funeral. While there, she meets a man she has never seen before and falls in love immediately. After the funeral she tries to find him but cannot. Several days later she kills her sister.

Why does she kill her sister?

Riddle Discussion

By: LaCosta on 23/8/16

so the man can come again

By: nashlover007 on 13/6/16

so she can see the man agiain

By: TheRiddler7 on 30/3/16

she thought that if she killed her sister the man could be show again.Smart \n

By: TheRiddler7 on 30/3/16

she thought that if she killed her sister the man could be show again.Smart \n

By: sam85 on 27/3/16

to see that man again\n

By: Autismspeaks2day on 17/2/16

She killed her sister, hoping the man would attend the funeral.

By: meow2202 on 25/1/16

wonderful job\n

By: UnknownForRiddle on 19/11/15

becuase she wasw hoping that this man would come this the funeral\n

By: Megateon on 7/8/15

I answered without hesitation....should I be worried? ;)

By: xxxxx on 6/5/15

The logic of this question is flawed. If the man attended her mother's funeral, he is more likely to know her father, not her sister. It would have made more sense to kill her father.

By: TheShadowRider14 on 27/11/14

Because she finds out its her sisters husband and kills her sister in hopes of marrying the man.

By: MiddleRiddle on 8/1/15

That's what I thought.

By: bexters25 on 25/3/15

Because she was hoping the man would attend the funeral.

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