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What makes a good riddle? Here at we rate each riddle before being added to our database. The riddles are rated based on difficulty and its ability to use language and/or logic to puzzle the solver. The first standard, difficulty, is essentially how hard the riddle is to solve. We try out each riddle to determine how long it takes to solve the riddle. Especially hard riddles may stump you to the point that you are unable to solve the riddle the first time around. That's ok! Put the riddle down and come back to it later. Luckily, we provides a huge number of riddles and answers, so you may always surrender to the riddle and skip right to the answer or to the next riddle. The second criteria is the adherence of the "riddle" to the definition of a true riddle. The definition of a riddle can be found at Wikipedia's Riddle page A true riddle uses language to puzzle the reader by providing an enigma or conundra. Logical riddles require no significant amount of prior fact-based knowledge to solve, and a good riddle shouldn't.

Good riddles can come in many shapes and forms as well. Good riddles for kids are well-suited for viewing by children; we try to keep our riddles in this section clean so that kids can safely enjoy this section. Good funny riddles are present in this section as well, however, for a complete list, please check out our funny riddles section.

Riddle #336 (medium)

59 ratings
12 saves

Riddle: A man murders his wife with a knife in their car. Nobody is around to see this. He throws her out of the car being careful not to leave any fingerprints on her body. Next he throws the knife off of a cliff into a gorge where it will never be found and he goes home. An hour later the police call him and tell him that his wife has been murdered and he needs to come to the scene of the crime immediately. As soon as he arrives, he is arrested.

How did they know he did it?

Answer: He never ask the cop where the scene of the crime was so they knew that he had murdered his wife.


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Riddle #1169 (medium)

16 ratings
2 saves

Riddle: You may always chase me but you are always about 3 miles away.

What am I?

Answer: The horizon.


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Riddle #688 (medium)

60 ratings
1 saves

Riddle: There are three jars full of equal amounts quarters, dimes, and penny's. Which one has the highest value?

Answer: The jar full of quarters would have the highest value because a quarter is worth more than a dime and penny. Amount refers to quantity, so if they have equal amounts there will be an equal number of each.


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Riddle #59 (easy)

27 ratings
0 saves

Riddle: What relation would your father's sister's sister-in-law be to you?

Answer: Your mother (or it could be your aunt-in-law).


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Riddle #373 (medium)

91 ratings
4 saves

Riddle: What is the coolest letter in the alphabet?

Answer: 'B', because it's always surrounded by AC.


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