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Question: A traveler is walking in the jungle. Then he found 4 paths. In the first one has a really deep mud. When people go there, they never come back. Second path have broken tracks, which is really unsafe for the people who take this path. In the third path, there is lion who didn't eat and drink anything for 3 months, so it might be really hungry by now. Last one have dinosaurs and volcanoes, so it's a very dangerous place. So, which path is the best for the traveler to take.

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Joke: A man went to the doctor because he could no longer get an erection. The doctor told him to bring his wife in. So the next day the man comes in with his wife. First, the doctor tells her, "Take off all of your clothes." So she does.

Next he tells her, "Now turn around... Okay, good. Now lie down." With this he pulls the man aside and tells him, "You are perfectly healthy. I didn't get a boner either."

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