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By Martin Gardner

Question: You are in a room with two metal rods and no other metal. One of them is magnetized and the other is not.

How can you determine which one is magnetized and which is not?

Answer: Solution 1: Touch the end of one bar (A) to the middle of the other bar (B) forming a 'T' shape. If the bars are attracted then bar A is magnetized and if they are not attracted then bar B is the magnet. This is because magnets have fields at the poles (the ends) but not in the middle. So the end would attract and middle would not.

Solution 2: Hang a rod from the ceiling and if it turns north than it is the magnetized rod.


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Question: Dracula was out getting a drink but his watch was broken so he died.


Answer: Dracula is a vampire and it was a solar eclipse but his watch said it was night. So the sun came out after a few minutes killing him.


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Question: I have eight to spare and am covered with hair.

What am I?

Answer: A cat.


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Question: A father's child. A mother's child. no one's son.

Who am I?

Answer: Their daughter.


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Question: What goes in the water black and comes out red?

Answer: A lobster.


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