I stare at you you stare at me

Question: I stare at you, you stare at me.I have three eyes, yet can't see.Every time I blink, I give you commands.You do as you are told, with your feet and hands.What am I?

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Riddle Discussion

By: simpleman951 on 23/8/15

Your mom. The three eyes you are referring to are the two eyes in the face and the brown eye (the asshole). Sadly your mom cannot see but can give commands using morse code via blinking. And you always obey her because if you don't, she will tell your father and he will proceed to mercilessly beat your ass.

By: ketchum on 14/7/14

Congratulations!! This is a pretty great riddle. Thanks for the contribution.

By: EnemyOfGod2 on 9/1/14

That's awesome! MY riddle got alot of views. How did it transfer from " jokes" to this website?

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