Riddle #698

Question: Thomas is traveling through Germany and stops at a store to use the bathroom. The only problem is he cannot tell which bathroom is for males and which is for females. He finds somebody to ask which is which, but Thomas doesn't speak German. The person he finds can understand English but can only speak and respond in German.

Thomas really has to go to the bathroom, so what two yes or no questions can he ask to figure out which bathroom is which?

Riddle Discussion

By: timinator117 on 22/2/15

If the german man said no (in german) in reply to the first question, and then no (again in german) to the second question, then by your logic he would head into the wrong bathroom. Instead, ask if the sun never shines at night (which will always be yes) and then ask if that is the men's bathroom. If they are the same answer, then it is the right bathroom. If they are not, then it is wrong.

By: eliteninja72 on 29/9/14

I can do this in one yes or no question. "Can you point to the mens room?" The answer is yes, and the guy points.

By: gandalf on 29/9/14

Haha, yes or no question implies that the answer is a yes or no. Not a point.

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