A man was found murdered on sunday morning riddle

Question: A man is found dead on a Sunday morning. His wife calls the police immediately. The police question the wife and staff. The wife said she was asleep, the cook said he was cooking breakfast, the gardener said she was picking vegetables, the butler said he was cleaning the closet, and the maid said she was getting the post. The police immediately arrested the murderer.Who was the murderer?

Riddle Discussion

By: meow2202 on 24/9/16

This is a pretty obvious case\nEven where I live there is no mail on Sundays. And if there is it's because we forgot to pick it up the day before.

By: whocares on 7/6/16

the wife, if she was sleeping how did she call the police IMEDIATLEY, there is post on sundays where i live so that cant be the answer

By: XNimbus on 17/5/16

No post on Sundays! This was too easy.

By: hala2016 on 30/4/16

why is there no posts on a sunday

By: MasterOfRiddles on 24/4/16

I have heard this one there is no post on Sundays.

By: Daspien on 13/4/16

Hmmm tricky , i believe its the maid , on sundays the post office doesnt work , so there hasnt been any post to get .

By: hala2016 on 30/4/16

ohhhh ok

By: Bubba421 on 14/3/16

Oh so the Butler is Eminem?!?!?!?!\n

By: Bubba421 on 14/3/16

The wife\n

By: BenzWyck on 25/2/16

i thought it was the wife because it says she called the police immediatlly, but how could she when she said she was suposedlly asleep?\n\n

By: BenzWyck on 25/2/16

i thought it was the wife because it says she called the police immediatlly, but how could she when she said she was suposedlly asleep?\n\n

By: Autismspeaks2day on 17/2/16

The maid is the murderer because there is no post on Sunday.

By: ELRiddler16 on 15/2/16

Duh the maid it's always the maid or the butler plus post is not on sunday

By: whocares on 7/6/16

yes there is post on sunday\n

By: vanderslice24 on 28/11/15

I thought it was the butler, it is always the butler.

By: SpaceUnicorn0355 on 24/11/15

this is a good one, and i almost didnt get it, but then just as i clicked the answer button i figured it out

By: UnknownForRiddle on 19/11/15

the cook or the chef -lol- is the murderer,why should he cook for breakfast when they not yet awake?

By: Kjulian15 on 17/10/15

So good!

By: Dreynen on 14/10/15

The maid, there's no post on sunday!

By: Padma on 6/2/15

Lol just like uncle Vernon: NO POST ON SUNDAYS!😁

By: Aforapple on 12/9/14

This is silly. Easy peasy.

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