Good Riddles

Word (medium)

Question: There is a 5 letter word, if you take away the 5th letter, it is still the same. If you take away the 1st letter it is also the same. Even if you take away the 3rd letter, it is still the same. You can even take away the 5th, 3rd and the 1st, at the same time!!!!!!!!

Question: What is between England and France ??

jogeshwari (medium)

Question: What's the opposite of jogeshwari station

Question: There are ten children and ten cookies in a jar. Mrs. Suzie needs to give one cookie to each child. The children also want her to keep one cookie in the jar. how is this possible?

Riddler101 (medium)

Question: At first I'm in pieces, but you build me and I carry you, at night when your tired or sleepy or even drunk, what am I?