Good Riddles

Hours to live (medium)

Question: Assume you were told you have 24 hours to live. Also assume you had an injury that left you paralyzed, you can't look back. You are told you can do 10 things within the 24 hours. You first choose to tell your family, then tell your friends, and then your acquaintances. You then choose to eat at your favorite restaurant, and so on. What should you choose to do last?

Riddle of L (medium)

Question: In Tennis I'm zero, To Many I'm A Hero. What Am I?

chair (medium)

Question: What type of chair is electric, you can't get out of it on your own, but if someone helps you get out you're not dead?

Not is Weight (medium)

Question: What is heavy one way and not the other?

Question: A wooden block is floated on water. What can be placed on it to reduce its weight?