Best Riddles and Answers

The Tide (medium)

By Fred

Question: At low tide 14 rungs of a ship are above the water, the rungs are 15 centimeters apart. each 15 mins the water rises 15 centimeters. after 2 hours and 30 mins how many rungs are above the water?

Not is Weight (medium)

Question: What is heavy one way and not the other?

Question: Bobby's teacher gave him a math quiz. Every time he got an answer right, points would be taken away, so whoever had the most points, got the most questions wrong. Bobby's score was the highest, yet he still got the most questions correct out of the class. How is this possible?

Question: What has rivers but no water, forest but no trees and cities but no people.

father (medium)

Question: Mike has a father named BOB. Bob is the......... of mike's fatfer