Riddle #845

Question: A man in New York City has $10. He spends $6.50 on flowers, and $3 on lunch (hot coffee and a hot dog). He then gets on the subway which will take him 7 stops for 50 cents. But he is forced to get off of the subway just 5 stops away from where he began.

Why is this?

Riddle Discussion

By: Nobletrev on 2/11/16

think about tax

By: Mistahcity on 26/7/15

Well since your throwing random stuff like hotdogs and coffee in there I might as well add in he had to take a dump because he just drank some coffee that helps tense things up in your body and his stomic is making room for his new hotdog and his lover he bought the flowers for made him a huge breakfast and while he was walking to the station he ran into an old friend he hasn't seen forever not even knowing he's waisting time on this inevitable monster of a shit he's gunna have to take and he never even realized he had to take a shit when he got on the train he's also sort of a germ aphob and can't stand to sit on a tolit that a stranger sat on so he has to leave the station and now his punk ass is walking back. There's no problem with this riddle the dude can just hop on the other train he already paid to get into the subway

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