Riddle #997

Question: What two things can you never eat for breakfast?

Riddle Discussion

By: nashlover007 on 13/6/16


By: winxruler on 22/1/16

lunch/ dinner\n

By: Hectic713 on 15/12/15

Dreams and memories

By: 1738 on 14/11/15

lunch and dinner\n

By: Ladybugforeva25 on 20/10/15

Lunch and dinner\n

By: Dreamweaver on 4/8/15

Lunch and dinner.

By: Richiix619 on 1/6/15

Lunch and Dinner

By: graceboothlover1 on 18/5/15

lunch and dinner. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

By: Jennysa on 12/2/15

The lunch and dinner

By: McJagger on 26/7/14

A spoon. A table. A flag. Really the options are endless.

By: Lahoop7 on 13/1/16


By: Ladybugforeva25 on 20/10/15

Yeah basically

By: Padma on 6/2/15

Lol that is true 😛

By: Soccer12333 on 28/4/15

Actually, yeah... Lol. But, then again, they're possible, but you'd die from it or something

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