Riddle #68

Question: Mr. Paige is an only child. Mr and Mrs Paige have 3 daughters and for each daughter in the family there is a brother how many members are in the Paige family?

Riddle Discussion

By: chavalid on 9/7/14

Question:\n"3 daughters and for each daughter in the family there is a brother ..." ---- that could mean there is only 1 brother, each daughter there is a brother otherwise each daughter has 3 brothers per the answer shown. \nSo if it is 1 brother+3 daughter+MrsPaige+MrsPaige brother+MrPaige =7

By: Bandanaman on 26/6/14

Mrs. Paige's brother is not a Paige, so only 8.

By: gandalf on 27/6/14

For each daughter in the family there is a brother. It is not referring to Mrs. Paige's brother, it is referring to a brother in the family (i.e. a son of Mr. and Mrs. Paige), so the answer is 9.

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