Riddle #112

Question: A man leaves his cabin and travels 100 meter north, 100 meters west, and 100 meters south just to arrive back at his home. He sees a bird. What kind of bird is it?

Riddle Discussion

By: Skaidrojumi on 22/2/16

That doesn't make any sense. Not only did it not mention anything about Antarctica, but he'd still have to travel east 100 meters to get back to where he started.

By: Amy on 31/12/13

I don't get it....

By: Bandanaman on 11/7/14

He starts at the south pole and travels north 100 meters. Now is 100 meters from the South Pole. He then travels (still at 100 meters north of the South Pole) 100 meters to the West. Since he is still 100 meters north of the South Pole, when he goes 100 meters south, he ends up back where he started. The final part is a bit of an assumption since it assumes that the bird he saw in Antarctica was a penguin (even though various other species of bird live in Antarctica). It would also work close to the North Pole, but he would have to circle the pole a whole number of times.

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