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Question: An apartment building has 9 residential floors and an underground parking lot. There are 10 flights of stairs. The first flight between the parking lot and the first floor has 5 steps. Each flight after that has has one more step than the previous flight. One day the elevator was out of order. If someone had to walk from the parking lot to the 9th floor or vice versa, how may steps would they walk up/down?

Question: Natalie is at the grocery store. On her list she has 3 items: sliced bread, milk, and toilet paper. A loaf of whole wheat bread is $3.50. A loaf of rye bread is $4.00 with a 10% coupon on it. A loaf of pumpernickel bread is $3.75 with a 20% sale. Natalie is lactose intolerant. A half gallon of Almond milk is $4.00. A quart of coconut milk is $2.40 and Natalie has a $1.00 off coupon for the coconut milk. A gallon of soy milk is $6.50. Store brand toilet paper has 8 rolls with 120 sheets each for $10.00. Angel Soft toilet paper has 6 rolls with 150 sheets each for $9.50. Charmin toilet paper has 4 rolls with 180 sheets each for $9.00. What would be the three most cost effective items for Natalie to buy?

Question: Jessica and Maria are twins, but they were born 3 weeks apart. How could this be possible?

Question: Mr and Mrs Henderson have 7 children. Tom, Mike, Danielle, Patrick, Victor, Allison and Nick. There are two pairs of twins. The girls are not each other's twins. Tom is a twin and is left handed. One other siblings is also left handed, the oldest child, and not Tom's twin. Mike has 2 older sisters. Allison has at least one youngr brother. Victor is not a twin. Patrick is Allison's twin. Danielle is left handed. Nick and Tom are younger than Mike. Victor is younger than Allison and Mike. Rank the children from oldest to youngest.

Question: Mr and Mrs Jones have 5 children. Christopher, Carl, Makayla, Brian, and Sarah. Christopher is not the youngest child. Makayla uses a wheelchair because she is paralyzed. She sustained a spinal cord injury by falling out of a tree. Makayla was injured before Christopher was born. Sarah is 3 years older than Christopher and Christopher is 10. Makayla is in high school and Brian is Makayla's twin. Carl is in 1st grade. Rank the children from oldest to youngest.

Question: Mr and Mrs Jones have 5 children. Christopher, Carl, Makayla, Brian, and Sarah. Christopher has 1 younger brother and 2 older siblings, Makayla has 3 younger brothers, Carl is the youngest brother, and Sarah is younger than Carl. Rank the children from oldest to youngest.

Question: A man lives in an apartment building on the 100th floor. He rides the elevator all the way down to floor 1 every morning then all the way up to floor 100 every evening. The elevator is coin-operated. It costs $0.25 per floor for floors 1-25, $0.50 per floor for floors 26-50, $0.75 per floor for floors 51-75, and $1.00 per floor for floors 75-100. How much money does the man spend each day riding the elevator?

Question: Cameron and Dustin were best friends until Cameron killed Dustin. The next morning the police saw the murder scene. At the scene there was knife with the phrase if anything finds this knife they will die on the handle. The police officer pick up the knifes and immmediately dies. Why?

Question: Martha Speaks walked up to a fox and said, "what does the fox say?" What did the fox say?

Dream (medium)

Question: After Timmy broke his leg he had to use a wheelchair. For PE, he had to give his teacher an excuse note. The teacher ripped it up and told Timmy to run with the other kids. Suddenly, Timmy felt a kick in his leg that was in a cast. No one had kicked him. Timmy was so mad he got up and walked to the other kids to asked who kicked his leg. Timmy was so excited when he realized he was walking that he ripped off his cast. Just then Timmy... Finish the sentence

Question: One day a man broke his leg. When he was sent home from the hospital he had to use a wheelchair. The doctors told him he could not go up stairs. When the man got home he realized he had stairs to get into his house on both sides. The man saw his neighbor, the doctor who x-rayed him at the hospital, getting out or her car. The man asked "can you carry me up the stairs?" The woman replied "no." Why?

Question: Hard, Harder, and Hardest are brothers. By age from youngest to oldest, it goes Hard, Harder, Hardest. Hard is half the age of Hardest who is 20 which means hard is 10. Harder has a two-year difference between the number of years older he is than Hard and the number of years younger he is than Hardest. Harder is closer to the age of Hard than Hardest. How old is Harder?

Tribe (medium)

Question: You come across a Native American tribe and the leader wants to kill. He tells you, you can say your final words. If you tell the truth you will be burned at the stake. If you lie he will shoot you. What do you say to ensure survival?

Shortcut (medium)

Question: A man lives in a small village in a poor country. There's no jobs in the village. To find work you must travel 2 hours by animal to the nearest city. One day when the man was going home he got stopped by a traveler. The traveler said there's a shortcut the man could take as long as his name has no more than 10 letters, has no more than 3 vowels, and has no letters repeat more than once. If the man's name is Solomon can he take the shortcut?

? (medium)

Question: What question has no answer spoken?

Let in? (medium)

Question: What type of people can go into public places without shoes?

Hours to live (medium)

Question: Assume you were told you have 24 hours to live. Also assume you had an injury that left you paralyzed, you can't look back. You are told you can do 10 things within the 24 hours. You first choose to tell your family, then tell your friends, and then your acquaintances. You then choose to eat at your favorite restaurant, and so on. What should you choose to do last?

Elevator (medium)

Question: A man lives in a 100 story apartment building on floor 100. He has to pay to go on the elevator. There is no stairs. For each floor he goes up to he must pay $1. To go down he must pay $0.50 per floor each time. When going up if he previously payed for the floor he does not pay again. The man gets payed $10 each day. In how many days can he get to his room?

I'm? (medium)

Question: I'm not your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, son, Daughter, girl cousin, or boy cousin. What gender am I?

chair (medium)

Question: What type of chair is electric, you can't get out of it on your own, but if someone helps you get out you're not dead?

Full? (medium)

Question: If a glqss is filled 1/2 way with water is it half full or half empty?

Direction (medium)

Question: You look east you look west your looking in both directions at the same time because there's a star you must reach. What are you actually doing?

Wheelchair (medium)

Question: Can I walk? No. Can I stand? No. I almost never wear shoes. I can't feel my legs. I wear blue, yellow, white, or black socks. When I do wear shoes it is black and white Adidas 👡s. What am I?

The stick (medium)

Question: A man with a stick walks up to another man. Why?

Question: If green means go, yellow means slow down or caution, and red means stop. Why can't traffic lights go when they turn to green?

Riddle #2866 (medium)

Question: You go camping and realize you forgot your sleeping bag. You get it come back and then realize you forgot your flashlight. You go and get it, but when you come back you find your sleeping bag is missing. You then find out you forgot your tent. When you go back and get it you see your sleeping bag, get it and leave your tent. You go back to the camp site remembering you left your tent at home. You also come to see your flashlight is now missing. You get your tent and see your flashlight, you get that too. You then see your sleeping bag is gone. You are so exosted you leave it at home. Why does every thing keep going missing?

Exponents (medium)

Question: What exponents other than the same two numbers with the numbers one thru ten can be flipped and have the same answer?

Question: You are driving and come to a fork in the road. You need to get to New York City. The roads do not have signs, no one is there to tell you which road you need to take, and you can't turn back and take the other road if you take the wrong one the first time. You can not turn around a go a different way. If you randomly choose a road to take how will you know you are choosing the correct road before you take it? What is the chance you will take the correct road?

Room (medium)

Question: You need a room for your group. Each person needs 5 square feet of space. You have 25 people in your group, what is the smallest room you can use?

Question: A truck that can carry 2 tons and is is on a bridge that can support up to 2 tons. Will the bridge break?

Back to blue (medium)

Question: A man puts on a clean shirt every night before bed. On the first nigh he puts on a blue shirt. He than sleeps for 5 hours. Every one hour more he sleeps than the night before he put on a different color shirt the next night according to this scale: blue, black, red, green, white, pink, orange, brown, purple, yellow, grey, neon green, tan, and teal. Every one hour less he sleeps than the last night he put on a different color shirt the next night going backwards on his scale. If he were to wear a blue shirt because he slept more hours than the last night he does. If it was because he slept less hours than the night before he skips it and wears a teal shirt instead. If he goes backwards on the scale and goes to blue but would not wear a blue shirt he still counts blue in his going backwards on his scale. The second night the man wears a blue shirt because he did not sleep any more or less hours than the last night. The man sleeps for six hours that night. The next night he sleeps for five hours. Night number four he sleeps for eight hours. The next night he sleeps for seven hours. The next night he sleeps so well he sleeps for 11 hours. Night number seven he stays up so late he only sleeps for four hours. The next night he is so tired he sleeps for eight hours. The next night he sleeps for eight hours again. Night number ten he sleeps for 14 hours because he is sick. Since he slept so long the last night he only sleeps for seven hours. The next night he is a little bit tired so he sleeps for eight hours. The night after that he had to do so much work he only slept five hours. The next night at work they let him out early and he slept for nine hours. The next night he slept for eight hours. And the last night the man did he slept for ten hours. The next night he put on a different color shirt according to his scale, but the next night he randomly picked a shirt. At what night will the man wear a blue shirt again?

Question: Two brothers are twins. One twin says he is older than the other. The other twin is confused and says: in order for us to be twins we have to born on the same day. How is the one twin older than the other?

Who did it (medium)

Question: A cop is chasing a man that just robbed a bank in crimesville. The cops name is robber and the robbers name is cop. Another man is a theft at another bank steeling money and another police is chasing him. The polices name is theft and the mans name is police. A third man steels money at the other bank in crimesville and the sheriff is chasing him. What is the name of the sheriff and the third man?

Question: A man in a wheelchair is being pushed across a hallway by his wife. When they get to the end of the hallway the man says: stop pushing me. His wife asks why, and the man gets up and starts walking. How did the man get up and start walking if he was in a wheelchair?

Question: What can be stolen legally, it is not illegal to steal it?

Question: What position in soccer (football) brings the goal home after every game?

Question: What is the fastest thing on earth

Monkey sounds (medium)

Question: What type of monkey only howls?

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Joke: How do chickens get cancer

Punch line: By eating themselves raw

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Joke: You: knock knock other: who's there? You: interrupting president? Other: interrupting president who? You: interupt at who and say Donald Trump.

Punch line: Donald Trump

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Joke: In a football game the qb says shotgun. A defensive player gets his car, sits in the passenger seat, and yells shotgun. The qb says shotgun again. The defensive player gets a shotgun and shoots. The qb says hut and the defensive player brings a hut. The qb asks what are you doing? The defensive player says what you asked.

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Joke: The king of France is going to have a visit with Brock Obama. The king of France doesn't speak or understand English. He gets someone to help him practice his greeting. The translator says you will ask the president how are you? He will say fine, and you? Than you say me too. He practices until he think he has it memorized. When he see Brock Obama he ask: who are you? The president thinks and than says I'm president Brock Obama, and you? Than the king of France says me too.

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Joke: Knock knock Who's there You You who Why did you call me I'm right here

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