Good Riddles

Dad's riddle (medium)

Question: There are five fish in a fish tank. Two swim away, one swims towards the ocean, and two die. How many fish are left in the tank?

What? (medium)

Question: Spelled one way it mows the lawn spelled another you put it on

Question: if forward is going ahead and toward is coming at you what is a cow moving forward toward you?

Wheelchair (medium)

Question: Can I walk? No. Can I stand? No. I almost never wear shoes. I can't feel my legs. I wear blue, yellow, white, or black socks. When I do wear shoes it is black and white Adidas 👡s. What am I?

Smile (medium)

Question: I have a large family. I have just as many brothers as i do sisters. Each of my sisters has only half as many sisters as brothers. How may brothers and sisters are there in my family all together