Riddle #411

Question: What is the only question you can't answer yes to?

Riddle Discussion

By: AshTheHuntress on 26/6/16

The answer is there isn't any question that cant be answered yes to disregarding the time place who your asking it too. Say you asking a little boy who is not deaf has no speech impediment is not traumatized beyond speaking etc. etc. he CAN say yes

By: simpleman951 on 23/8/15

I am so pissed off that this is a riddle, I'm going to comment again. How can he throw in (assuming you are dead)??? Walk up to a gravestone and ask the dead son of a bitch if he is alive and I'll bet you get no reply! Hey look, another question you can't say yes too, (assuming you are dead of course). But out of all the questions to actually ask a dead person, the most logic answer to, "are you dead" would be yes! Good grief! *takes a deep breath.

By: Druxe on 10/11/14

I said I got it right, even thought the answer was different, because your answer is invalid. People can lie. For example:\n\nPerson 1: Can you breathe in space?\nPerson 2 (little kid): Yes\n\nLIESSS

By: gandalf on 10/11/14

What's your point? If people can lie they can say yes to anything then, unless they are dead.

By: simpleman951 on 23/8/15

This is retarded... he is basically saying a dead guy can't say yes. So a dead guy can't say yes to any questions at all. So with this logic, any question you ask will be correct because the dead guy can't answer. If you asked me right now if I am dead, I could say yes. I'd be wrong, but I still said yes. This isn't even a riddle.

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