3 Questions (Very Hard)

Question: 1. A bat and a ball cast $1.10 cents in total. The bat costs one dollar more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? 2. If five machines made five gadgets in five minutes, how much time would it take for 100 machines to make 100 gadgets? 3. The was a lake, it was full with lily pads, each day the lily pads doubled in size, it took 48 days for the lily pads to cover all of the lake how long would it take for the lily pads to cover half of the lake?

Riddle Discussion

By: Ceefour on 31/3/16

1. Ball =$ 0.10\n2. 5 mins\n3. 24 days

By: MasterOfRiddles on 4/4/16

1. Right 2. Right 3. Wrong. For the first one the bat had to be one dollar MORE than the ball so, if the ball was 10 cents the bat had to be $1.10cents that plus another 10 cents is $1.20. Third was 47 On the 48th day it was full so on the 47th it was half there cause each day if halves.

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