Good Riddles

Suhduh (medium)

Question: What always goes left but constantly goes down.

2 person (medium)

By chin

Question: There are two persons. One is dead and one is still breathing. The dead one is called dead person. What did the other person call?

Question: You are a detective and chasing a criminal in a car chase. The criminal's car is too fast and you lose the criminal. Your car leads up to three houses. House 1: A car facing the road. House 2: Two cars. One is facing the road the other is facing the house. House 3: A car facing the house. Which house is the criminal in?

Desert (medium)

Question: A man is lying dead with a backpack on, face down in the desert. What happened?

the hard one (medium)

Question: What's hard Smells like the ocean And is full of seamon