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Question: What did the hang glider say about autumn rock climbing?

Autumn Love (medium)

Question: What did the leaves say to the autumn wind?

Question: What did the salt and pepper say about autumn spice.

Autumn Wear (medium)

Question: What item could not be worn at the Fall Dance?

Time for Men (medium)

Question: Time belongs to men twice a day - what time is it?

Question: what government agency is also a possessive pronoun?

musical stash (medium)

Question: why did the cops raid the orchestra pit?

Question: in all of written history I won't show up at the end of a sentence but I will be there in the end . . .

cow math (medium)

Question: how do cows count?

Question: what is a cow moving backward?

Question: if forward is going ahead and toward is coming at you what is a cow moving forward toward you?

the postman (medium)

Question: what did the postman say to the mailbox?

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Joke: I arrived at the nowhere that never is . . .

Punch line: I realized it's the somewhere I'd been before . . .

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