Good Riddles

Riddle #47 (easy)

Question: What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?

Riddle #46 (medium)

Question: Poke your fingers in my eyes and I will open wide my jaws. Linen cloth, quills, or paper, my greedy lust devours them all.

What am I?

Riddle #45 (medium)

Question: There were five men going to church and it started to rain. The four that ran got wet and the one that stood still stayed dry. Which one stayed dry?

Riddle #44 (easy)

Question: What goes round the house and in the house but never touches the house?

Riddle #43 (medium)

Question: I am taken from a mine, and shut up in a wooden case, from which I am never released, and yet I am used by almost everybody.

What am I?