Good Riddles

Riddle #87 (medium)

Question: A man committed suicide in a room with nothing but a chandelier and the rope that he hung from. There is a puddle of water under him. How did he commit suicide without anyone helping him?

Riddle #86 (medium)

Question: A blue man lives in a blue house. A green man lives in a green house. Who lives in the white house?

Question: A young man walks through the forest. He comes to a bridge. In front of the bridge is a large man carrying an axe. The man says, "If you want to cross this bridge, you must tell me a statement. If I think the statement is true, you will be strangled to death. If I say the statement is false, your head will be chopped off." A few minutes later, the young man walked over the bridge, while the larger man stood pondering. What was the statement the young man had given?

Riddle #84 (medium)

Question: There are 3 stoves. A glass stove, a brick stove , and a wood stove. You only have 1 match. Which do you light up first?

Riddle #83 (easy)

Question: There was once three trees. The first tree did whatever the third tree did, and the third tree did what ever the second one does. What happens if tree number two gets cut down?