About: I am a co-founder of and an avid web programmer. I enjoy working on new projects in my spare time and watching shows like South Park, Dexter, True Blood, Game of Thrones, etc. I really like my shows :) I also enjoy working out, reading news, and traveling. I just started a Tumblr blog, so feel free to check that out. If you want to email me directly about anything, just email me at [email protected].


Author's Riddles

Bitch (medium)

Question: Trevor is a bitch?

Seven (medium)

Question: How do you make seven an even number?

Question: Fast you travel, but I travel faster. The faster you travel, the further away I get still. Close as you may get, the faster I still will be. What am I?

Riddle #348 (medium)

Question: Had by few but treasured by all,
I'm on the inside and outside and I make men fall.

What am I?

Riddle #234 (medium)

Question: Filled with garb,
the price is free.
Just return what you don't need.

What am I?

Cool Riddle (medium)

Question: Each morning I appear to lie at your feet. All day I will follow no matter how fast you run. Yet I nearly perish in the midday sun. What am I?

Question: The more you work, the more I'll eat.You keep me full, I'll keep you neat. What am I?

Riddle #2 (easy)

Question: What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in one thousand years?