Short Riddles and Answers

The dogs name (medium)

Question: In a universe there's a galaxy. In a galaxy there's a planet. In a planet there's a continent. In a continent there's a country. In a country there's a city. In a city there's a town. In a town there's a village. In a village there's a house. In a house there's a dog. What is the dog's name.

Question: You create your own Where's Waldo game on a piece of paper. You want your friend to find Waldo but they think you might be pulling a prank on them by not putting Waldo on the paper at all.

How can you prove to your friend that Waldo is on the paper without ruining it for them?

Question: A book has 500 pages:

  • The 1st page says "Exactly 1 page in this book is false."
  • The 2nd page says "Exactly 2 pages in this book are false."
  • ...
  • The 500th page says "Exactly 500 pages in this book are false."
Can any of the pages be true?

Question: There are two boys at an international math contest in December 2013; one is British and one is American. They both write their names, the date, and their answers on the paper. The only problem is that they both have the same name and the papers cannot be told apart.

What is the date?

logic (medium)

Question: A robber tried to steal the crown jewels. He got caught by the King's guards and was taken to the king. The King was feeling generous that day and asked the robber how he wanted to die. A few minutes later the king let the robber go punished yet alive.

How did the robber want to die?