Good Riddles

Titles (medium)

By jena

Question: What's the difference between Ms. and Mrs.?

Party buddies (medium)

By jena

Question: What did the tie say to the hat?

Organizer box (medium)

By jena

Question: Where does a tree store their stuff?

Question: A man lives in an apartment building on the 100th floor. He rides the elevator all the way down to floor 1 every morning then all the way up to floor 100 every evening. The elevator is coin-operated. It costs $0.25 per floor for floors 1-25, $0.50 per floor for floors 26-50, $0.75 per floor for floors 51-75, and $1.00 per floor for floors 75-100. How much money does the man spend each day riding the elevator?

Question: When I come in, someone else leaves, I know everyone, yet no one knows me. I'll meet you all only once in your life, Causing mayhem and mischief and sorrowful strife. What am I?