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Question: A criminal is brought into a prison for major crimes. The warden informs him that he will be shot in the middle of the prison by 20 of his men. The prisoner is fine with that but he asks for some conditions "All of your men must stand 20 feet away from me and I must be able to select where each of them stands. If I survive, I get to leave."

The warden thinks about it and knows that all of his men will still have an open shot at the criminal, so he agrees.

The next day immediately after the firing squad is positioned the criminal walks out untouched. How did he do it?

Question: Two men find an old gold coin and want to have a coin toss with it to decide who gets it. The only problem is the coin is heavier on one side so it comes up heads more than tails. What is a fair way for the men to toss the coin and decide who gets the coin?

Riddle #300 (medium)

Question: Everyday a peasant must pay the king one pound of gold and leave it on a collection plate in front of his house. Every morning a guard comes by to make sure he has put a pound of gold on the plate. The king collects the gold every six days from the plate. If the peasant only has one six pound block of gold, how can he make only two parallel cuts and still follow the kings rules each day?

Question: There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first. Who are the two sisters?

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Joke: Tyler and his wife Kallie go to Las Vegas. They get to their room and they find a card for a prostitute. Kallie cannot believe it and wants to see if the prostitute will really come. Tyler calls the number on the card and says "Can you come to Trump Hotel, room 1445?"

An hour later they hear a knock on the door and Kallie hides in the bathroom. A woman comes in and says "Hi. My name is Destiny."

Tyler asks her "How much do you charge?"

The prostitute replies "$500 per hour."

Tyler says "I was thinking more around $25" and the prostitute looks at him disguised and walks out.

Later Tyler and Kallie are at the bar getting drinks and Destiny walks up to Tyler and says "See, that's what $25 gets you!"

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