Easy Riddles and Answers


Question: You're in a VERY dark room. You enter it, and immediately everything you see dissolves into darkness... But suddenly, you see the faintest red light. You COMPLETELY close and cover an eye, but You can still see the red light. How is this possible?

Exponents (medium)

Question: What exponents other than the same two numbers with the numbers one thru ten can be flipped and have the same answer?

The RIDDLE (medium)

By 4God

Question: What is tall and have 4 legs

By Sal

Question: If 1+1=2, 2+2=8, 3+3=18. What does 4+4=?

2 person (medium)

By chin

Question: There are two persons. One is dead and one is still breathing. The dead one is called dead person. What did the other person call?