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Joke: One day, a mathematician decides he wants to be a firefighter. So he quits his job and applies to be a firefighter. But the chief doesn't think he is qualified so he gives him a test. He takes him to the alley and sets a dumpster on fire. He asks the mathematician, "What do you do?" The mathematician immediately grabs a hose and puts out the fire.

The chief then asks him, "Now that the fire is out, what do you do?"

Stumped, the mathematician thinks for a minute and says "I can reduce this problem into a problem with known solutions." With this he pulls out a match and sets the dumpster on fire.

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Joke: Do you want to hear a math joke?

Punch line: I'll tell you in a 1/cos.

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Joke: If a pizza has a radius z and height a, what would its volume be?

Punch line: The volume of the pizza would be (pi)(z)(z)(a).

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Joke: What do mermaids wear to math class?

Punch line: An algae bra.

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Joke: What kind of toilet paper do mathematicians use?

Punch line: Multi-ply.

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