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Author's Riddles

What am I? (medium)

Question: I have 6 faces with different colors.People say I'm sometimes hard to be solved. But make me have the same color on one face and you'll solve me. What am I?

Question: A man was found dead one night in a neighborhood. The police decides to call in everyone who lives there for questionning. Among the people they question, they show the picture of the victim to a woman.They ask her when was the last time you saw this man? She answers : I saw him 10 seconds ago he is outside the police station and a very good friend of mine. How is this possible?

Unharmed (medium)

Question: One night a man heads on top of a 400 meter tour and jumps off (he actually jumps off the tour with no parachutes). When he hits the ground he is unharmed. He gets up, without a single scratch and starts walking...How is that possible?

Question: 500 is at my end and my start, yet 5 is at my heart.
The first letter and the first number make me complete.
My name is that of a king.

What am I?

Riddle #670 (medium)

Question: A thief enters a shop and threatens the clerk, forcing him to open the safe. The clerk says, "The code for the safe is different every day, and if you hurt me you'll never get the code". But the thief manages to guess the code on his own.

How did he do it?

Riddle #647 (medium)

Question: We are twelve in the family. I am the second one, as well as the youngest.

Who am I?

Riddle #646 (medium)

Question: A father goes to prison and the mother will have to sell her hotel, but their young daughter is happy.

How can these parents tolerate such ingratitude and what put them in this situation?

Diet (medium)

Question: Two mothers and two daughters are having tea. The servant offers them a cake, which has been divided to three equal parts. None of them refuse the offer. Which one is on a diet?

Question: It makes doctors but not the ones who work in hospitals. What is it?

Question: Steve was born on december 28. However his family celebrates his birthday in the summer.How could this be possible?

Riddle #637 (medium)

Question: It takes one word to separate them; otherwise they are inseparable.

What are they?

Question: What is the next number in this sequence? 8-11-18-80-81 ...

Easily Broken (medium)

Question: It is broken as soon as we pronounce its name. What is it?

Riddle #634 (medium)

Question: I am a nice word composed of five letters, but the Romans would call me a numbers.

What am I?

Question: You have two heterogeneous none breakable sticks,(heterogeneous means that the sticks are not identical and do not burn at a constant rate) such that each stick needs 1 hour to be totally burned if it is lit from only one end. How can these two sticks be used to time 45 minutes?

Cowboy (medium)

Question: A cowboy arrives in a town on Friday.He stays there for 2 days.When he leaves town it's wednesday night.How is this possible?

Question: A person was born in 1940. Today is his 18th birthday.

How is that possible?

Question: Two men are sitting in a room at a table.There is a fire arm on the table.One of the two men picks it up ,points it at his head and pulls the trigger.However nothing happens to him.Then the other man picks it up , points it also on his head and pulls the trigger.He is instantly killed.What just happened?

Letters (medium)

Question: What English word is as long as it is valued?

Bald Killer (medium)

Question: He is bald .He kills people for a living.He works for a person called Diana. Who is he?

Question: What goes up and never comes down?

Question: A man decides to commit suicide. So he goes on top of a 400 meter tour and jumps off (he actually jumps off the tour; of course with no parachutes because he wants to kill himself, and no he's not a superhero). When he hits the ground he is unharmed. He gets up, without a single scratch and starts walking...How is that possible?