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Sleeping (medium)

Question: A man had a very long night, so he went into his house, turned the lights off, and went to sleep. When he woke up he found out he had killed 500 people in his sleep. How is this possible?

Who dun it? (medium)

Question: It was a sunday. a man lived in a house with his wife, a butler, a maid, and a cook. He went out for breakfast, and when he came back his wife was dead. the butler said he was cleaning rooms. the maid said she was dusting and vacuuming. The cook said he was preparing lunch. The police could not find any evidence so they found 3 other suspects. The mailman, the neighbor, and the local barber. The barber said he was cutting hair. the neighbor said he was out for lunch. the mailman said he was delivering mail. The police then arrested the murderer. Who was the murderer and how did the police know who it was?

Murder (medium)

Question: A woman and her daughter live in a round house. She decided to go get lunch with some friends.When she came back her daughter was lying dead on the floor of her room. She called the police. The butler said that he was cleaning up her toys. The maid said she was dusting the corners. The cook said he was preparing dinner. The police immediately arrested the murderer Who was the murderer and how did the police know who it was.

Question: How many animals of each kind did Moses bring on the ark?

Question: You are a penguin. King Lion demands an all animal meeting, but you are late. You come to the crocodiles river. You dont know how to get across because of all the crocodiles in the river that will eat you. How will you get across?