About: WHO IAM Am very reable and conscientious person. Whenever I have a job to do I try to do it to the best of my ability I like responsibility and I enjoy challenges. I try to do find creative soluyion to the problems All of my life, I Have gotten a great deal of personal satisfaction from my work. I enjoy working with others as well as alone Iam sincer and I am fair My classmates and colleagues consider me kind and understanding unfortunately though ,I have a major shortcoming. Iam not always patient People who do not do their full share of work make me angry I think People in school or at work have a responsibility to others, and I can't see myself working with people who are unreliable. I realise this description may make me sound somewhat conceited and demanding. Actually, I am a very modest person, but in order to give you an accurate picture of my self, I have tried to be very Honest. In case, I feel that whatever i do and wherever I go, I have the Personal Characteristics that will make me successful. in simple terms that me

Author's Riddles

Brige (medium)

Question: It takes 45minutes for a man to cross the brige onthe brige there is a security personel who doesn't allow people to cross the brige to either side but he sleeps for only 35minutes so there was a wise man who crossed the brige so how could he do it

joke (medium)

Question: I had three goats each with a a name the first one was called come the second one silence and the third one was called reapt for me so the thief come and stolen the come and the silence so which goat did i remain with?

division (medium)

Question: there was a man who wanted to treat his son he went to the doctor and the doctor told him that he need to get 1 orange in order to cure his son on the the same village where the man was staying there where no any single orange, so the man tried to another village when the man reached another village he saw millions of oranges in the garden when he reached the entry he realised that this garden had for 4 gates and each gate had a gatekeeper so when ever he could pass by each gate keeper they where telling him that whichever organges he bring ,they should share in between. so how many oranges did the man come out with from the garden to share with the gatekeepers and remained with 1 orange to cure his son?