About: I am Maria Eloisa Fonbuena and I am 13 years old. I am female and my birth date is November 28, 2000. I love riddles because it helps me improve my logic and reading skills.

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Author's Riddles

Question: What is your relation to your grandfather's only daughter?

Riddle #279 (medium)

Question: There was a family who lived in a circle house, one day they went on vacation but they left their little boy behind. When they came back they found their little boy dead in the middle of the house. They narrowed it down to three suspects: The maid, the butler, and the chef. The maid claims she was cleaning the corners, the butler claims he was organizing the closet, and the chef claims he was making finger sandwiches.

Who killed the little boy?

Riddle #278 (medium)

Question: At the beginning of the first day of school there was a dead boy found inside of a classroom. They found 3 suspects: The janitor, the teacher and one of the boy's classmates. The janitor claims that he was just cleaning the room, the teacher said that she was computing her student's grades and the boy's classmate claims that he was listening to music.

Who committed the crime?

Short Riddle (medium)

Question: There was a one-story house that's all pink. The walls are pink, the windows and doors are pink. But, what color is the stairs?

Short Riddle (medium)

Question: A rooster lays an egg on the top of a roof. Which side does the egg roll off of left or right?

Short Riddle (medium)

Question: What is your relation to your grandfather's only daughter?