About: I am a riddle I am what I'm not, what am I?

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Question: What has two sides that you learn from? What is one place that you come from? What has three side that you wait for? What is four sides that you look for?

What? (medium)

Question: Spelled one way it mows the lawn spelled another you put it on

Puns (medium)

Question: If the ends justify the means, then what may be said about social media?

Why (medium)

Question: Why is a spider like a man in danger?

In (medium)

Question: If you look in some drawers you find some rewards if you look in a closet you find clotes if you wander a moor you find a room what do you find in a kingdom

Question: There is a man who works on Big Bentley and he keeps the clock running smoothly. One day the clock stops all together, he muttered to himself "It's going to take me all day to fix it!" and he grumbles while he works because he doesn't want to have to change the time, but he finishes by tea and he doesn't have to change the clock by even a minute. How?

Question: A man in downtown runs a tea shop, one day his bulb goes out, so he gets on a ladder to replace it, however; he falls off and his priceless Chinese attire gets covered in tea, yet he is able to salvage it, how?

A walk (medium)

Question: A man goes down to the beach and starts walking on the beach, he has to get to the circus in a hurry and so he practices his act on the way, even though he had walked for an hour his feet weren't the least bit tired, why?

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Joke: What do you call a man of words

Punch line: a Figure of speech

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