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Question: I am an animatronic and I scare kids and you. But I am not freddy, chica, bonnie, or foxy. I can also crash or game. Who am I?

Hungry (medium)

Question: Who eats and eats and eat people

Bullying (medium)

Question: How do you destroy a bully?

Math (medium)

Question: If you are smart and very good at math. Answer these 2 math riddles. 1. What is 0x29840847894657867478465875674896478496478567968. 2. 1x89498784893246798648732742974823.

Fortune (medium)

Question: What does it mean when you're reading a fortune?

Merrying (medium)

Question: Who can you not marrying?

Marrying (medium)

Question: One day, Jack went to Walmart. He saw Santa and wanting to talk to him. He then told Santa what he wanted for Christmas. At the end, Santa told Jack, Merry Christmas. Jack said, I can't. Santa was confused. What does Jack mean, I can't?

Place (medium)

Question: Where can you not drive to?

Question: 3 people we're playing rock paper scissors. The 1st person got paper, the 2nd person got rock, and the 3rd person got scissors. Who won the game.