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Author's Riddles

By Kaio

Question: Ewe and me are similar; I see. So one should be quite able to see who and what we two are, individually.

Don't give up (medium)

By Kaio

Question: A powerful spell, the naive knows it well; one cast at an affair for your most popular gown. No sticks, no stones, a mage sans tomes, a fight, no toil but it still breaks you down.

The Captor (medium)

By Kaio

Question: I'll capture you, hold you, and to your dismay, drag you thru space and time, all in one day. Move 'cross the globe with a single command, now tell me what I'll subject you to at your demand.

Together (medium)

By Kaio

Question: Two simple warriors: a vegetable and none. It depends on whether they work together to reduce infinity to one.

You and Me (medium)

By Kaio

Question: You and me are the same, you see. So can you see what that makes me similarly?