Riddle #801

Question: Someone posts that they are giving away a free $100 to whoever shows them they deserves it. One person posts (the post receives 1 point):

Don't give it to me, other people deserve it more.

The next person posts (the person also receives 1 point):

If you give me the money I'll spend it to make the world a better place

The final person posts a picture of a cat. His post gets -1 point.

When somebody dislikes you comment you lose a point and when somebody likes it you gain a point. You can also vote on your own.

Who gets the money?

Riddle Discussion

By: Autismspeaks2day on 19/2/16

The final person. He liked everybody. The first and second liked themselves and disliked evereybody else.

By: Mistahcity on 26/7/15

Also I had to figure out that each man involved got 2 points to vote with that was kinda a dick move

By: Mistahcity on 26/7/15

The real give away of what happened was that cat guy posted what something he thought others would like and it was easy to know that he was the one not voteing for himself