The Password

Question: Peter wants to go on vacation because of his stressful work days. Unfortunately, he doesn't have enough money so he asks his friend John if he can borrow some from him. John is fine with it and gives him the money as long as Peter pays him back. While on his vacation, Peter gets an Email of a problem at work that nobody can seem to fix. The next day, Peter finds a solution and earns some money. He puts the money in his bank account. Soon, he gets a call from John. John saids that he needs Peter to pay him back so Peter puts the money in another bank account. John asks him for the password to the account when he gets to the bank to get the money from Peter. Peter saids, "The password is at the bank." John asks where it is but Peter saids, "You should know it." John is still very confused so Peter tells him, "Just tell the bank what I said to you," so John goes in the bank and when he is asked what the password is, he saids, "Well, my friend told me that the password is at the bank..." Right then, the account is opened and the money is given to John, who still doesn't know the password. He also learns that none of the workers had the password or knew it ahead and that only John did (along with Peter). How did the the worker who opened the account figure out what the password was?

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