No matter the shape I sit in

Question: No matter the shape I sit in, you'll find me in a row. Although my name has no letters, my initials are MNO. What am I?

Riddle Discussion

By: Rosy on 16/4/16

this riddle is epic XD\n(and this comment is pointless)

By: MrE8357 on 22/6/14

I hope the clue doesn't ruin the riddle. When I said shape, I meant to describe the choice of being vertical or lateral, rather than a configuration of the numbers. I'm glad you still enjoyed it, though.

By: eglove on 22/6/14

I don't think I've ever seen a telephone keypad in a different shape, but I like the riddle.

By: gandalf on 22/6/14

Yeah, all I could think of for that was that the phones are shaped differently (i.e. a cellphone vs a traditional telephone).