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Author's Riddles

Question: On a console game where two people are in a XBOX party, they come into a game lobby (session) where another is invited to join them. The guy who invited the guy to the lobby said hello. The invited guy starts saying rude and vulgar things to the guy who invited him to the session (we'll call him Guy #1). Then Guy #1 stopped speaking after merely saying "sorry." Then the other guy (Guy #2) in the party greets the invited guy by using his name, then preceded to tell him his location, his suburb, and his exact home address. The invited guy freaks out. Then Guy #2 threatens him by spreading his personal information to all computers across the nation. How does Guy #2 know all of this personal info?

Question: There are two women on a stage. One is in tears, the other is smiling. Who are these women (not names), why are they expressing that facial expression, & what kind of situation are they in? HINTS: These women don't work as employees on setting up the stage. This is not a comedy show. The stage has curtains, and this show is very famous. The person with tears is in fact overwhelmed with joy, and the other is "sad." The crowd laughs and cheers at the joyful woman. These women are no older than 25 years old. Both women are wearing a very expensive dress. What's the answer?

Can I pogo? (medium)

Question: I can pogo on the moon, but not Mars. I can pogo on this table, but not on a stick. What can assure us to be able to pogo on objects at all times?