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Question: A man came to a hotel on a horse. He arrived on Saterday and stayed for one night. he left the hotel on Friday. How is that possible?

Something (medium)

Question: What is in the middle of the moon, At the end of an igloo And goes round in loops?

What (medium)

Question: What is at the begining of the end, the start of eternity, at the end of time and space, was in the middle of yesterday but is nowhere in tomorrow?

comming (medium)

Question: what is always coming, but never comes?

what am I? (medium)

Question: what has a mouth but never eats? what has water but never drinks? what has a bed but never sleeps?

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Joke: What did the chocolate ALIAN say?

Punch line: I come from Marz in the Milky Way and I have twix up my sleeve Mawhahaha

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Joke: There were two goldfish in a tank. One turned to the other and said: " you man the guns and I will drive" Hahahhahahahhahah

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Joke: Why was six scared of seven?

Punch line: Because seven eight nine!

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