Author's Riddles

Question: A rich man named Steven goes to a bar and sees his long lost poor brother, Martin. "What've you been up to lately?" Steven says to Martin. "Well, one night, me and my daughter went fishing together. It was so much fun, probably the best time of my life. We told jokes and riddles and sang. In the end, we each caught two fish. We didn't have to buy food for so long, since each fish lasted us about three days," Martin said, grinning. He loved saving money, since he was less fortunate than Steven. Steven said, "Well, that's not SO much. Only 12 days worth of food. That's only 20 dollars or so of fish from the market." "For one thing, 20 dollars is a lot for ME. For another thing--brother, I may be much poorer than you, but at least I got an education! That's 18 days, my brother." Martin laughed. How was it 18 days, not 12?

Question: A rich man and his son live in an eight-story bright blue circular house together. It has green windows and neon yellow curtains, all with dazzling pink carpeted floors. One afternoon, the son is killed. The father is furious and sets out to find the murder. He collects alibis to send to the NYPD. The Maid was out Holiday shopping with the father. The Father was out Holiday shopping with the maid. The cook was preparing dinner. The butler was cleaning the corners. The gardener was setting up some flowers on one of the window sills. The nanny was in the hospital. The NYPD arrested the criminal as soon as they heard all the alibis. Who was it and how did they know?

Question: A couple goes on a plane. The plane crashes. The crash is in all the newspapers, on all the news channels on radio and television, and everywhere for everything. You know why? Because every single person died. But the next day, that same couple are found walking on the street, happy as can be, not a scratch or bruise on them. How can that be? P.S.: For more fun, only read this once. Reading it more will give it away plainly, and you came here to have fun, right?