About: I love K-Pop by a ton and new songs always become my favorite. Right now Wa$$up Stupid Liar, and Boyfriend Bounce arey favorite.

Author's Riddles

Lions (medium)

Question: Imagine that you are in a jungle. You hear birds chirping,snakes hissing, and a lions roar. You turn around and you can't see any lions and you hear a loud roar behind you. You turn around you see a lion with its mouth open resetting eat you. What would you do?

Mansion (medium)

Question: You are in a mansion that has no power in the middle of nowhere. You can either starve to death,drown to death, or sit on a electrical chair that can electrocute you to death. What would you choose?

2 Houses (medium)

Question: There is a wood house and a brick house that was on fire at the same time. Which house would the ambulance come to first.