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Author's Riddles

Question: Whats a question that gets asked a lot and has many different answers to it.

white house? (medium)

Question: There are 4 houses a pink house which a pink person live there and a green house which a green person lives there and a orange house which a orange person lives there and there's a white house who lives there?

Fred!!:-( (medium)

Question: You come home and open the door to find Fred dead on the floor with a puddle of water and glass around him. How did he die?

Question: Railroad crossing with out any cars can you spell that with out any r's?

bus driver (medium)

Question: Your driving a school bus and you pick up five kids and to get back to the school you have to turn right twice straight for three miles then make a left and drive four more miles straight and your there, but what's the color of the bus driver eyes?