Author's Riddles

Question: the more you take, the more you leave behind. what is it?

Riddle #893 (medium)

Question: You can only keep it once you give it to somebody.

What is it?

Question: two fathers and two sons go hunting. they each catch a duck. why do they bring home only three?

using (medium)

Question: the person who creates it has no need for it. the one who buy's it won't use it. the one does use it has no idea they are using it. what is it?

devouring (medium)

Question: All I devour: stone, flowers, birds and mountains, and yet, I have no teeth or mouth. what am I?

Riddle #889 (medium)

Question: Light hides me and darkness kills me.

What am I?

riddle (medium)

Question: everyone has it, but no one can lose. what is it?