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Author's Riddles

Homework (medium)

Question: When is homework not homework?

What Am I? (medium)

Question: I do everything Good and bad. Everything you wish for Or always had Is just a click away for me. I die at night And am ressurected in the morning If you are responsible. I am wiser than any book Yet it's your time I took. I can bring you harm And raise an alarm But only if you use me wrongly. I have twenty six buttons Upon my sleek coat And I will spark and fizz If dropped or worked too hard. I can take you anywhere If you are searching. I can give you anything If you are rich. You can use me to do good You can use me to do bad And nobody but the owner can use me. WHAT AM I??????????????????????????????????????

What Am I? (medium)

Question: I wrap around your neck tightly But don't hurt you. I go on forever But am small. I can be for cold and for hot Dry and wet. What am I?

What Am I? (medium)

Question: I have a tongue But no face. I'm always looking up And I'm always close to the floor. What am I?

What Am I? (medium)

Question: I slink and slide And if threatened, hide I balance on fences Rooftops, and stairways And to appear bigger, my back I raise. What am I?

The Robber (medium)

Question: A robber breaks into a bank and finds one worker there. The robber points a gun at the worker's head and demands the password to the vault or else he will kill him. The worker says, "The password is changed every week. Now please let me go." The robber ties up the worker and opens the vault easily and takes all the money. How did he know the password?

Question: Using only eight 8's and addition only, how can you make 1000?

Rufus (medium)

Question: Rufus is a very rich man. He wants to guard a priceless jeweled necklace, so he locks it in a room and places a guard by the door. He comes up with a code so that only trusted people can get inside the room. A man walks up to the door and the guard says, "Twelve." and the man replies "Six." The man is let inside. another man walks up to the door and the guard says "Six." and the man says "Three." The man is also let inside. A thief, who has been watching closely, thinks he gets the code and walks up to the guard. The guard says "Eight." and the thief says "Four." The thief is immediately arrested. Why? What was the real code?

Riddle #973 (medium)

Question: Two criminals, Rob and Stan, are thrown into jail. But they plan to escape. There is a open window twenty feet off the ground. They try and try but are never able to reach it. They decide to dig their way out instead. After months of digging, they come up with a much easier plan. The plan works and they escape.

What was the plan?

The Cats (medium)

Question: Ten copycats are in a boat. One jumps out. How many cats are left?

Riddle #971 (medium)

Question: Rob and Bob are arch enemies. They decide to have a fight to the death one day when a fairy appears. The fairy says it will give them both one wish. Bob wishes, "I wish for twice whatever Rob asks for."

What can Rob ask for to ensure he wins the fight?

Question: A couple police go into a room and find an old fat man lying there, dead. He was holding a gun and a tape recorder was beside him. When the police played the tape, it said, "I cannot go on with my life. So I must kill myself." Then there was the sound of a gunshot. The polic immediately knew he was murdered and didn't commit suicide. How?

Question: Once there lived a king in a very secluded kingdom. He did not let anybody leave the kingdom or let any foreigners in. There was only one bridge that led outside the kingdom. The king assigned a knight a job to watch and guard the bridge and not let anyone leave or get inside without the proper papers. Every hour he would take a five minute break inside his little hut on the side of the bridge. The bridge takes a maximun of eight minutes to pass. A woman needed to leave desperately to visit her family, but the king wouldn't let her. She came up with a plan and was able to leave the kingdom safely without hurting the guard. She did not leave at night. How did she leave?

Question: Mrs. Riddle's friend was trying to find out how many children she had. Mrs. Riddle gave her a hint: she had nine sons and each one had a sister. How many children does Mrs. Riddle have?

Odd Number (medium)

Question: I am an odd number. Take away an alphabet letter and I become even. What number did I start out as?

Riddle #966 (medium)

Question: Mr. Niceguy donated one million dollars to help feed starving people. After he donated the money he was a millionaire.

How did he become a millionaire?

Question: Katy is a mass murderer. She killed thousands of people without caring. She had no mercy. She was strong and powerful. But then all of a sudden, she disappeared and was never seen again. Nobody tried to find her or do anything to put her in jail. Why?

Riddle #913 (medium)

Question: A man walks into a completely dark room. There is a box on a table at the other end of the room and immediately the man knows one of the contents of the box. He cannot smell, see, or hear it.

How does he immediately know what is inside?

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Joke: Knock Knock Who's there? Your father who? What do you mean, your father who? Don't you recognize you own father's voice? Have some respect, your mother just died of polio for heaven's sake! What? What?

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Joke: Why did the cat cross the road?

Punch line: I don't know. I don't speak cat.

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Joke: Why did the rhinocerous cross the road?

Punch line: I don't know. I don't speak rhino.

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Joke: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Punch line: I don't know. I don't speak chicken.

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