Author's Riddles

Riddle #2672 (medium)

Question: A man and his wife live I a nice cottage in a village near the lake. One day, they were rowing a boat when he wife fell in and the husband went in to get her out but all he could feel were plants, moss, and rocks. Two weeks after the funeral, the man was walking around the lake when he started talking to a new neighbor when the fisherman said some interesting facts. Fisherman: I haven't caught anything today. Maybe because of the fact this lake has no kelp what so ever. Mrs. Montoya was telling me about it yesterday. I always catch fish when there is kelp in a lake or pond. That is just rotten ain't it? The husband said goodbye to the neighbor and went inside and killed himself. Why is this?

Question: A man and his friend is on a deserted island with a fisherman. They needed food or they won't survive but their row boat would only carry two people so the fisherman and the mans friend left to get fish. Five hours later the fisherman came back to tell the man his friend drowned and the man (we'll call him Cody for now on) ate his cooked fish depressed. Many days later Cody was rescued by a rescue team. He went to a formal resternaut and ordered salmon,took a bite,froze,went home, and killed himself. Why did he kill himself?