About: I like to help wole know what type of drawing they use Realistic, Cartoon, and Anime. And YES cartoon and anime ARE different

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Question: A man wakes up on Sunday and notices his weekly mail is gone from the mail box he calls the police who narrow it down to 6 people at the mansion the wife,Butler,repair man, paper boy,chef, and the gardener they all are questioned separately. The wife said... "I was taking my nap" The butler said... "I was cleaning out your closet sir" The repair man said... "I was fixing you satellite dish" The chef said... "I was making dinner" The gardener said "I was planting the flowers" The paperboy said "I was getting you your newspaper" The police instantly caught the thief. Who was it and why?

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Joke: A boy walks up to his mother and says "Mom all the kids at school make fun of me..." The mother replies"Why Sweetie?" The son says"All the other students say I'm a werewolf"

Punch line: The mother replies"Don't worry honey... But just remember for tonight at dinner comb all you fur to the right side"

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