Author's Riddles

Question: Say you roll five dice and get a one, a two, a three, a four, and a five. Your sum would be six. Rolling all threes would give ten. Rolling a two, four, two, four, and six would be zero. Rolling a two, three, four, five, and six would be six.

What would you get if you roll a three, a four, a one, a five, and a four?

Riddle9 (medium)

Question: If you break my spine, you will lose valuable information. Where am I from?

Riddle8 (medium)

Question: When the gods punish us, we get eaten by small frost beasts, but what are they?

Riddle7 (medium)

Question: Can a cat conquer a dog, Whats wrong with this sentence?

Riddle6 (medium)

Question: Id xiyeaw tiy xlb xinw icwe die subbwe ribufgr, is what a man said to his friends when they ask if they could come for dinner, what did he say?

Riddle5 (medium)

Question: Can the cat who could climb the tower climb what that man can't build?

Riddle4 (medium)

Question: If 5 and 3 is eight, then what is 1 and 1?

Riddle3 (medium)

Question: A man and his wife have a talk with each other: Can you eat? Yes Can you drink? Yes Then why cant you eat? (No answer) Can the woman eat or not?

Riddle2 (medium)

Question: Corresponding to each man is a dog, and each dog two bowls. If there is a man for two dogs, how many bowls are there?

Riddle1 (medium)

Question: If I am a fish, and a fish is a dog and a dog is a cat thats a dog that is a fish that is I, what is a fish?