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Author's Riddles

Two Drinks (medium)

Question: Hank and Larry walk into a bar and order drinks. The bartender gives them two drinks, completely identical in appearance and substance. Hank drinks his very fast and lives, Larry drinks his very slow and dies. Why?

To Church! (medium)

Question: Seven men go to a church in a car. Seven men get out of the car, it starts to rain. Six men walk to the church and get wet, one stays still and stays dry. Why?

Three Rooms (medium)

Question: Setting - olden days (Kings, Queens, Knights, etc), middle of a very cold winter. A spy gets trapped in a snow storm and gets lost. He decides to choose a direction and go straight in that direction. He ends up at a castle, knocks at the gates and gets let in only to find it is the enemy castle. He gets tried and is sentenced to death. He is going to be sent to one of three rooms for a few hours. He does gets to choose the room. The first room is a deep hole filled with water and crocodiles with sheer walls and nothing to hold onto, the second room is filled with lions that haven't eaten in three days, and finally room number three is filled with various tortures (with people to operate them) and two keys, one for each of the other two rooms. Which room is safest for him?

Riddle #771 (medium)

Question: Ripped from my ancestors home, beaten and burned, I become a bloodthirsty killer.

What am I?

Riddle #770 (medium)

Question: It's got twists and turns, but has no curves.
Twist it to fix it, turn it to ruin it.

What is it?

Riddle #769 (medium)

Question: You can try to run from it but it will find you. If you try to find it, it will run from you. But all the while it is easily seen. What is it?

Why Her? (medium)

Question: A man loves his wife more than anything in the world. More than his friends, more than a nice apple pie, more than any of his possessions. But, one day, someone threatens this man. Threatens to end his life. He has one choice to save himself, one choice he must make. He makes the choice because he has to. He lets his wife get taken away. Why?