Author's Riddles

Riddle 5 (medium)

Question: I am unseen but all people know of me. I am intangible yet sharper than any sword. I come from nothingness but can fell even the mightiest kings.

Riddle 4 (medium)

Question: Most people are born on one, die on one, and experience some of their most blissful moments upon it.

Riddle 3 (medium)

Question: I have countless blades that do not rend. On a bed that bulks and bends. I feed the strong and hide the meek. And whistle softly yet never speak.

Riddle 2 (medium)

Question: I repeat your words in kind. And offer refuge to the blind. Found both above and deep below. With teeth made of stone.

Riddle 1 (medium)

Question: An iron horse with a tail of flax. The more the horse gallops, the longer his tail becomes.